Are you sick of dieting?

Break through the challenges you have faced for so many years and start a new journey with the help of a certified women's-only health coach. With my help you can learn how to be proud of what you look like without having to sacrifice your health, your happiness, and your sanity.

  • Frustrated you can't keep weight off?
  • Starve yourself to lose a few pounds?
  • Tried every fad diet and always gain the weight back?
  • Would you love to be shown how to release the weight once and for all?
Let go of the scale

An opportunity to release the extra weight and stop focusing on a number.

Stop counting calories

Learn how to eat well without focusing on a diet, points, or calories.

A personal touch

Feel confident about your program meeting your lifestyle with me supporting you along the way.

Women-only focus

An environment only based on women's needs. No more uncomfortable meetings & weigh-in's.

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Success Stories

Meet real women who have had real results on our results page. Here you can learn how four of our brave members are willing to share their stories and how they have over- come all sorts of obstacles; physically, mentally & emotionally.

Can you relate to their stories? Maybe you even see yourself where they once were.

You, too, can experience success just like them!

Meet Emmie Perez, Certified Women's Weight Loss Coach and motivational speaker. Emmie is committed to coaching women on how to lose weight permanently, reclaim their health and find freedom from emotional eating. Her goal is to empower women to stop dieting and start living a Blissfully Healthy lifestyle.

Harnessing the experience of years of corporate and private coaching, as well as her own school-of-hard-knocks personal health journey, Emmie guides women of all ages how to stop obsessing about food, weight and diets.

She's also the creator of the JumpStart your Mindset for Weight Loss System and author of the forthcoming book JumpStart your Weight Loss Journal.

Emmie is a proud wife and devoted mother to three beautiful children and currently resides in the city of Bonney Lake, Washington.