What are the benefits of working with an emotional eating coach?

In coaching, we work on discovering and dismantling emotional attachments to food. Emotional tools learned in coaching offer women an even more effective way to self soothe – without the guilt that comes from misusing food.

Why work with an emotional eating coach?

Learning the emotional tools I use in emotional eating coaching helps women change their relationship with food, so they can eat less and release weight – weight that won’t come back – because the new emotional tools and mindset now live where emotional eating used to happen. When clients emotionally eat less, weight loss happens and becomes sustainable.

It’s a profound internal shift. We have to consciously learn how to feel.

Are you thinking “Ah! No, I will die if I feel! If I start crying, I will never stop! I’d rather use food than feel my feelings that just sounds downright miserable!”

I know, I was once there too!

This is why I’m so convinced that it’s important to have support to walk alongside you. When you have support it feels safer and we even add FUN in! Many clients say they feel better immediately after we start doing the work together in private or group coaching.

If you have had enough dead ends with diets, if you’re sick of losing and gaining the same weight over and over, if you’re willing to feel and put the effort into using the tools, you will feel better quickly. You can release the emotional weight you been carrying with you for decades.

When we release the emotional weight, we release the physical weight.

We have to consciously practice feeling without spiraling down into shame or despair. That’s what I teach women how to do as a certified emotional eating coach.

I believe a Woman’s weight is a direct reflection of how happy or unhappy she is.

This was the cause for me. In 2004 I was extremely depressed and 50 pounds heavier. That’s when I decided to stop dieting and do what I needed to learn how to feel.

Aren’t you tired of the same diet yo-yo?  Going on another diet won’t heal the emotional eating. If the emotional eating is not addressed it will continue to pop up again over and over. And the weight roller coaster ride will continue. Ugh! Let’s do something different. Let’s do something that actually works. Let’s release the weight and keep it off.

What’s the difference between a weight loss coach and an emotional eating coach?

Most health and weight loss coaching is based on making changes with how much to eat and what to eat (and what not to eat) for the purpose of weight Loss. Weight loss is the focus.

In emotional eating coaching, using emotional tools, discovering and dismantling emotional attachments to food and adding in new healthy habits one at a time is the focus, and the result is weight loss.  Weight loss that is sustainable.

What are the benefits of working with an emotional eating coach vs. trying to go it alone?

Most diets entail removing, restricting, eliminating, tracking, weighing and depriving ourselves of food. It often comes up for us in thoughts or statements like these:

  • You can eat this…. But not this!
  • What’s “legal” to eat on my diet?
  • I’m not “allowed” to have that.
  • Move more, eat less.
  • How many points do I have left today?

For emotional eaters, all of these new rules might make it even harder to lose weight!

When we do these kinds of diets without first releasing the emotions around food we end up using willpower, force and pressure. All things that are temporary.

It’s not about nutrition accountability or giving you another diet. Yes, nutrition matters. And we do work on that together but it is a very different process.

Controlling or restricting food while there is still an emotional attachment to food will eventually lead to a backlash binge. The bigger the restriction, the bigger the backlash binge! So we go a different route.

To heal emotional eating we have to come out of the closet about it. We have to release the shame.  We do that by giving ourselves permission to get support. When we hear it from other women in group coaching oh it’s powerful!! Be free of the shame!

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Why did I become a certified emotional eating coach?

I became a certified emotional eating coach (certified eating psychology coach) because my own experience in healing from emotional eating and losing weight revealed there is a huge gap in the support and programs available to women.

All the support I found was food-focused and that always made it worse.  As a previous Program Director and Center Director for a major weight loss corporation for over 5 years, my heart grew weary of seeing so many women coming back regaining their weight.  Each time they came back they restarted at a higher and higher weight.  Each time they came back I could see they felt more shame and more shame, saying: “Why can’t I stay motivated?“  Why is it that I know what to do but I am not doing it?

I had found my solution.  I found food freedom! I released emotional eating and with it – the extra 50 pounds.  My heart longed to coach other women at a deeper level. Doing it mostly on my own took me 10 years, which demonstrates the gap and why so many women need this kind of support instead of just another diet to fail at.

I could see there were so many women suffering in silence. With the support of my amazing husband and family we took a huge leap of faith. I became a certified emotional eating coach and a certified eating psychology coach and opened my own business: The Blissfully Healthy Women’s Wellness Center. After a few years and working with hundreds of clients at Blissfully Healthy I created my own program – Living Blissfully Healthy.

Although my qualification is Certified Eating Psychology Coach, working with me is like working with a Life Coach, Health Coach, Nutritionist and Counselor, because what affects your food effects your whole life, and your life affects your food.

If you’re ready to take a step toward your own journey of healing and a blissfully healthy life, a free one-hour discovery session is my gift to you. Simply request a coaching session using the form on my contact page or use the button to schedule your session today. 

Emmie Anne Love

Coach Emmie is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach specializing in personal and group coaching services for women who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

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