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It’s My Birthday!


It’s my Birthday! I turn 35 today!

I often get the question do you eat cake on your birthday?

It’s true that cake, birthdays and celebrating any ‘special occasion’ used to send me into an  “I’m going to eat all I want today because it is my birthday! I will just get back on track tomorrow. ”

‘Celebrating’ used to mean FOOD!!  And a lot of it. I would find myself eating my way through the day and ending the day on the couch in a bloated food coma. That is what I used to call ‘celebrating’.

This is the mindset that emotional eaters face at special occasions and it is a necessity to shift that mindset into a new meaning about what ‘celebrating’ is.  It doesn’t mean that you are not going to eat some treats, in fact that all or nothing expectation causes deprivation and leads to more of a struggle with food.  Instead, we just want to help you not go to excess with celebration treats and end up feel crappy, on the very day that you want to enjoy most!
How do you face temptations and the celebration mindset without going off the deep end in a binge or over indulging in leftover cake for days?

If the food is not the focus of the event than what is?

IF not overindulging in food on special occasions then how do you celebrate?

I used to feel, “Celebrating just doesn’t seem the same without food being the main event.”  But I promise you, now free from emotional eating, celebrating is SO much BETTER! You will experience the celebration at a whole in level with so much more joy!

This is a common subject that has been coming up in many of my clients’ private coaching sessions this week, especially with The Washington State Fair going on right now.
Here is a first step into creating your Celebration Plan:  Ask yourself;  Other than the food what do I enjoy most about the celebration event?  Is there something that is more enjoyable than the food at your celebration event?
 The word ‘more’ is the stumbling block for many. Many of my clients answer,“What’s more enjoyable than food?!”  If you are like many women I work with, this question sparks up a foreign way of thinking and takes a bit of coaching to help them get their answer.
If you would like support in discovering how to enjoy celebrations without eating your way through the day I have A gift for you.  (Just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean I’m the only one who can get presents!)
In my NEW 8 Week Women’s Holiday Weight Loss Group Coaching Program that is starting soon we will be spending 3 entire group coaching sessions on this very topic!
Here’s a sneak peek…You will have your personalized Master Plan of how to navigate the upcoming holidays without dieting deprivation, emotional eating or avoiding events because you can’t trust yourself around your favorite holiday treats.  You will have everything you need including many new healthy recipe ideas so that you can enjoy the holidays, enjoy some treats and still reach your weight loss goals this holiday season!)

Space is limited and filling up fast so contact me today to see how this group coaching program will help you have the most enjoyable holiday season yet!
“But Wait!  Emmie, you didn’t answer if you will eat cake on your birthday?” Ha! Good catch!  Stay tuned! I will be sharing the next step to enjoying celebrations without binge eating in my next email!

Fit test




The results are in!

My 4 year old son Josiah has been showing a few small signs of food sensitivities. Eczema, bloating, and intermittent diarrhea. Knowing that food sensitivities run in our family, we decided to test him. It was so easy, just 1 simple finger prick and he was tested for 132 different foods to see what foods are causing reactivity.

I am so surprised by the results! NEVER would have been able to guess apples! This is why I am proud to offer this service to my clients at the Blissfully Healthy Center! It’s incredibly life changing by allowing for a specific plan of how to feel better!

Now we have his unique food plan to help him be as healthy as possible. Here’s the BEST news: By identifying his reactive foods, avoiding them as much as possible, he has the possibility of NOT being sensitive to some of these foods in the future!

If you would like to see how food sensitivity testing can help you feel better and release weight, we can help! Click Here and fill out the contact form and we will be in touch for an initial conversation!
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