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Read my latest emotional eating articles. 

Blissfully Healthy Blog

Read my latest emotional eating articles. 

emotional eating boot camp results

3 Month Emotional Eating and Weight Loss Boot Camp

The “LIVE IT 3 Month Emotional Eating and Weight Loss Boot Camp” is in full swing now and the results are coming in;  we just completed 2 full weeks. What are clients saying? “I’ve released 5.2 pounds already and I feel committed to this journey and will reach my goal. I am so grateful for…

are you a secret eater - you are not alone

Secret eater? You’re not alone!

If you’re a secret eater, you’re not alone. I used to secretly eat sugar out of a bag with a spoon when I could not find anything sweet to eat. I could not stick to any diet. In fact, I dieted my way up the scale until I found myself 50 pounds overweight. When I…

Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities. What is the difference?

Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities — What is the difference?

Go onto any social media platform and you’ll hear people talking about food allergies and sensitivities. But is there a difference? I’ll explain in the video below.   One of the services I offer independently of my emotional eating coaching services is a FIT food sensitivity test. It will give you comprehensive results for over…

New Year New Mindset for Weight Loss Goals

New Year, New Mindset!

We are 18 Days into the New Year! What a fun time of year! It’s such a great time to reflect and think about what is working and what is not working. It’s also a prime time to set weight loss goals and diet surf to find the perfect, magic, sure-fire diet that will finally…

There will never be enough food to solve any feeling or emotional issue.

There will never be enough food to solve any feeling or emotional issue.

Today I want to share a golden nugget with you that was a catalyst to my own transformation as well as a key piece of what is now the Blissfully Healthy Program. One of the most powerful concepts that has helped so many of the clients I coach is:  There will never be enough food…

free eBook Why Diets Don't Work by Coach Emmie

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How to STOP the cycle of body shaming Self-Hate

How to STOP the cycle of Self-Hate

Guest Blogger Elanie Turso from Elaine Turso Photography shares with us how to STOP the cycle of self-hate associated with weight, body shaming, emotional eating and related issues.  Every week Elaine gets to meet and hang out with beautiful women who on their journey of self-discovery.  She gets to meet cool kids who are graduating high school and are…

How I learned to accept myself - emotional eating coach Coach Emmie

How I Learned To Accept Myself – Coach Emmie

Are you ready to stop hating yourself? Ready to change the relationship you have with your body? Are you ready to be happy and finally achieve the wellness you’ve always wanted? Hello, my name is Coach Emmie, owner of Blissfully Healthy Women’s Wellness Center,where I specialize in helping women break free from emotional eating and redesign…

Food Friday – Breakfast Sausage Bites

Food Friday – Breakfast Sausage Bites

This week we’re focusing on the quick grab-n-go recipe, breakfast sausage bites! But don’t just leave these to breakfast, these little taste bites can be enjoyed as a quick snack, a hearty lunch alongside some steamed veggies or even for dinner over some zoodles alongside a side salad. The possibilities are endless! Special thanks to…

Food Friday - healthy recipes - coconut quinoa

Food Friday – Coconut Quinoa

Happy Easter! With the holiday’s coming, it can sometimes induce stress, anxiety or a ‘oh well’ attitude around food. Do you find that you tend to feel this way? We know that the holiday isn’t so much about food but about spending time with family and yet we put a lot of emphasis and stress…

Strawberry Avocado Chop Salad

Food Friday – Strawberry Avocado Chop Chop

Happy Friday Friends! This one is promising to be a tasty, spring-infused salad. Up here in the Pacific Northwest we have yet to see the sun, but we heard on the news that it’s actually spring time up here! So why not implement a flavorful spring-inspired dish to at least embrace the season in the…

Food Friday – Mint Chocolate Pudding

Food Friday – Mint Chocolate Pudding

Option 1: Mint Chocolate Pudding (serves 6): ¼ cup chia seeds, whole or ground 1 can whole-fat coconut milk (unsweetened) 5 tbsp  cacao powder, unsweetened Stevia or other low-glycemic sweetener 5 large mint leaves Instructions:  Empty the of can of coconut milk in a bowl and whisk until smooth. Add to blender whisked coconut milk, cacao powder,…