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Read my latest emotional eating articles. 

Blissfully Healthy Blog

Read my latest emotional eating articles. 

Friday Food – St. Patty’s Day Green Soup

Friday Food – St. Patty’s Day Green Soup

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As most of you are gearing up for some Jameson and typical St. Patty’s Day foods, we thought we’d give you a healthy alternative to still keep you healthy but allow you to be green! Here’s what you’ll need: Ingredients 5 Zucchini’s 1 bunch, fresh parsley 1 lb fresh green beans…

healthy homemade pho recipes

Friday Food – Homemade Pho

Homemade Pho Gluten & Dairy-Free Serves 4-6 For a hearty, healthy night in with family. This dish combines all the senses with aromatics, full flavor and beautiful coloring. The broth can be prepared all day and all other ingredients can be added before serving. For quick go ahead, consider making chicken breasts ahead of time…

healthy foods and food sensitivity testing

Are Healthy Foods Harming You?

Do you hurt all over and cannot find the reason? Are you tired of being so tired? Have you tried everything to feel better without seeing results? You might be surprised to learn the root cause could be what you’re eating, even if you eat well. Based on the experience of specialists in Fibromyalgia Syndrome…

You don't want to be fat anymore - now what?

I Don’t Want To Be Fat Anymore

“I don’t want to be fat anymore but I don’t want to do the work to lose the weight. I am just stuck! How do I get motivated again?! I need something to get excited about. Something to motivate me or do it for me.” Here is the truth, you cannot buy motivation. There is…

Failure is never final - why try again when you've gained the weight back

Why try again when you have gained the weight back?

“Why try again? I have gained the weight back too many times!” “What makes this time any different? I have failed so many times, I am not worth the effort or the money to do this again…I will just gain the weight back anyways.” Sound familiar? Depending on how many times you have lost the weight…

What's more important in weight loss - willingness or willpower?

When Willpower Doesn’t Hold Out

Behavior change is a process, and people often approach change from all the wrong angles. BJ Fogg, a Stanford University professor, talks about 10 mistakes people make when trying to change their behavior. Here is one of the mistakes: Relying on willpower for long-term change. Imagine willpower doesn’t exist. That’s step #1 to a better…

Are you resisting setting a weight loss goal?

Are you resisting setting a weight loss goal?

Do you struggle with wanting to set a weight loss goal but you find you’re not ready to follow through with it? Be compassionate with yourself and let go of any “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve”thoughts as you go through your day today. Your journey to FREEDOM starts with self-forgiveness then moves to acceptance.That in itself is a…

Can I enjoy food without emotional ties?

Can I enjoy food without emotional ties?

Do I only enjoy food because of the emotional ties that go along with emotional eating? This last weekend at our New Year, New Lifestyle Event I was asked a great question: “Is there a time when overeating is not emotional eating? That you are eating food simply because you enjoy it?” My response? Yes, there…

weight loss programs designed for women - do you know how to lose weight?

Do you know how to lose weight?

Do you know how to lose weight? Do you know that if you consistently ate healthier and moved your body more you would most likely lose weight? Yes, of course! Most of the women I work with know what the basics are to losing weight. Over the past eight years I have worked with smart…

what is food sensitivity testing

What is Food Sensitivity testing?

Do you know if you have food sensitivity issues? How is your body responding to the food you eat? Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, skin rashes or joint pain? Are you having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? What most physicians won’t tell you is that your diet could…

What does emotional eating look like - eating psychology

What does emotional eating look like?

  Many women turn to emotional eating for a variety of reasons. 6 Reasons for Emotional Eating Reasons for Emotional Eating #1 : Boredom  During the holidays many people experience “Bored Eater” tendencies, otherwise known as eating just because. This is one of the reasons people tend to gain weight during the holidays! Reasons for…

dairy free pumpkin muffins - gluten free pumpkin muffin recipe

Blissfully Healthy Pumpkin Muffin Recipe – Dairy and Gluten Free!

Pumpkin Muffin Recipe by Blissfully Healthy It’s that time of year again where pumpkin is THE go-to ingredient! Instead of indulging in all of the overly sweetened, whipped, heavily doctored pumpkin recipes, consider this ‘feel good’ recipe of pumpkin muffins. Easy to grab on the go and give you all the feels of pumpkin without the guilt!…