Are Healthy Foods Harming You?

healthy foods and food sensitivity testing

Do you hurt all over and cannot find the reason? Are you tired of being so tired? Have you tried everything to feel better without seeing results? You might be surprised to learn the root cause could be what you’re eating, even if you eat well. Based on the experience of specialists in Fibromyalgia Syndrome…

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What is Food Sensitivity testing?

what is food sensitivity testing

Do you know if you have food sensitivity issues? How is your body responding to the food you eat? Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, skin rashes or joint pain? Are you having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? What most physicians won’t tell you is that your diet could…

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Food Sensitivity Testing – FIT Test

Food sensitivity testing in seattle and tacoma

The results are in! My 4 year old son Josiah has been showing a few small signs of food sensitivities. Eczema, bloating, and intermittent diarrhea. Knowing that food sensitivities run in our family, we decided to test him. It was so easy, just 1 simple finger prick and he was tested for 132 different foods…

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