Is people-pleasing keeping you overweight?

Is people pleasing keeping you overweight?

“What?! How is that possible?!” So many of the women that I coach get stuck in putting others first. They feel strongly that if they take time or resources to take care of themselves, then they will be taking away from others in their lives. In addition many of the ladies I coach people please…

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Put an AND in there!

Put an AND in there! - Coach Emmie - Emotional Eating Coach

In my last post we talked about the ‘OR’.  Finding the solution to your OR first has to start with you knowing that you are worthy and lovable so that you can put an AND in it. In order for you to SEE where to start in CREATING the time, setting boundaries, putting the effort…

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Secret eater? You’re not alone!

are you a secret eater - you are not alone

If you’re a secret eater, you’re not alone. I used to secretly eat sugar out of a bag with a spoon when I could not find anything sweet to eat. I could not stick to any diet. In fact, I dieted my way up the scale until I found myself 50 pounds overweight. When I…

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The 4 Essential Daily Habits of the Forever Fit

forever fit weight loss maintenance

Forever Fit Habit # 1 Create a Morning Routine: Wake Up Early! Even if you are not a morning person it is important to wake up with enough time to get your body started right. Get up and get moving by doing a light stretching routine to warm your body up. Allow yourself a few…

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How to Enjoy Eating Out and Still Eat Healthy

Yes you can eat out and eat healthy!

Here’s some “food for thought” — this week I am sharing with you my strategy for eating out : ) Last week I went out to dinner with my family to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Before we got there I had already decided what I really wanted to eat and what I would feel good about…

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