Can you see yourself in this Emotional Eating story?

emotional eating weight loss success stories

It’s not about the food. It’s not about knowing “what” you should do and “making” yourself do it. Freedom and a sustainable blissfully healthy lifestyle comes from identifying and healing emotional eating. Does Julie’s emotional eating story speak to you? “Julie” came to Blissfully Healthy for coaching because she felt frustrated and helpless. Even though…

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Secret eater? You’re not alone!

are you a secret eater - you are not alone

If you’re a secret eater, you’re not alone. I used to secretly eat sugar out of a bag with a spoon when I could not find anything sweet to eat. I could not stick to any diet. In fact, I dieted my way up the scale until I found myself 50 pounds overweight. When I…

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New Year, New Mindset!

New Year New Mindset for Weight Loss Goals

We are 18 Days into the New Year! What a fun time of year! It’s such a great time to reflect and think about what is working and what is not working. It’s also a prime time to set weight loss goals and diet surf to find the perfect, magic, sure-fire diet that will finally…

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