Video: Emotional Eating isn’t About Food… It’s About Mindset

Introducing the five puzzle pieces to healing emotional eating. 

These 2 minutes can change your mindset about food – and eating.




I hear this all the time from clients:

I don’t know what to eat!
I’m overwhelmed with food!”
Can you give me a nutrition and menu plan to follow? 

What I have found this past year is that many of the same clients who asked for a structured nutrition and menu plan ended up rebelling against the very structure they asked for!

I totally get it. I have SO been there!

The reality is that food is only ONE piece of the puzzle, there are four more. Emotional eating is not about food, it’s about mindset. It’s about emotional healing. The women who are successful are the ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to the emotional work – to get to the root cause of their emotional eating.

Would you like to ask some questions, share your struggles and come up with solutions together? Schedule a Discovery Session to see to see if Emotional Eating Coaching is a good fit for you, find out more about your emotional eating issues or determine whether Food Sensitivity Testing could help support you in your journey. You don’t have to do this alone.

With Love Always,
Coach Emmie

Coach Emmie,
Eating Psychology Coach, Motivational Speaker
Owner, Blissfully Healthy Women’s Wellness Center