New Year, New Mindset

  • Sick of dieting?
  • Struggling with emotional eating?
  • Ready to stop counting calories, calculating points and popping pills?

Emmie Perez of Blissfully Healthy presents: Craving Freedom - Stop Dieting. Starting Living! She'll share Why diets are more harmful than helpful," and 'The 5 puzzle pieces' to conquering emotional eating.


  • What is emotional eating and how to overcome the struggle
  • 5 pieces of the emotional eating puzzle and whats missing in all diets
  • Why dieting actually causes weight gain
  • How to overcome self-sabotage
  • Make 2018 your happiest, healthiest year yet!

Elaine Turso of Elaine Turso Photography/Body Image Coach will present:
"Change your Mindset, the road to Self Acceptance" in that segment, she will share some proven techniques to help you recognize your negative inner mean girl talk, and give you solid tips on how to quiet her down. Remember, You don't have to change your body, you just have to change your Mindset!

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Set Me Free!
Online-Based Accountability & Coaching Program

  • Are you looking for your big change this January, but you need something on the go and at your fingertips within a moments notice?
  • Accountability & Goal Setting
  • Recipes
  • 2 live coaching calls per month (will be recorded as well)
  • Tools to conquer plateaus
  • Diet-free mentality still achieving weight loss
  • Help with emotional eating struggles
  • Motivation
  • and more!

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