Living Blissfully Healthy

8-Session Online Program

New session released every month

Stop dieting. Start living!

Session 1

Who Are YOU? This section is all about getting to know YOU. You will come away with a deeper understanding of who you are at the core of your being.

Session 2

Are you ready to break up with dieting for good? This section will go into deeper detail about how diets have failed you, and that this time will be different.

Session 3

This section is all about your WHY, your NEEDS and helping you learn a couple of new tools for your journey.

Session 4

What are your triggers and red flags to eating emotionally? It’s important that we identify your triggers and red flags. You will be faced with them regularly.

Session 5

The Wheel of Life exercise is an important piece to our program and will help you gain some new and fresh perspectives.

Session 6

How are amino acids playing a part in emotional eating? In this section, we will dive a little deeper into the biology of emotional eating.

Session 7

Are you living your life on auto-pilot? In this section we will help you become aware of your routines and focus on making small tweaks.

Session 8

What is Vitality and how important is it to maintain your health? In this section, we will talk about body movement, a blissfully healthy plate and the SPA too!!

Living Blissfully Healthy Online Coaching Program

  • Safe and private online group support
  • Living Blissfully Healthy Online Course ($297 value)
  • 30 Days of Daily Boosts to Kick Off Your Journey

  • Weekly Group Video Connection and Q&A Sessions
  • Craving Eradication
  • Talk with the Doc Video Series ($197 value)

$97 / month for 12 months or pay $997 in full to save.