New Year, New Mindset!

We are 18 Days into the New Year!

What a fun time of year! It’s such a great time to reflect and think about what is working and what is not working. It’s also a prime time to set weight loss goals and diet surf to find the perfect, magic, sure-fire diet that will finally do it for you.

With the New Year here it’s easy for many to get tempted to set ridge resolutions like: “This year I am really going lose this weight. I am going to do it all! No matter how much I suffer I will go on my no sugar, no gluten, no eggs, no food diet starting Monday.”

Any of that sound familiar? Too many years were started off this way for me as well only to find myself devastated from another diet failure and stuck in diet backlash overeating by mid-February.

Until I decided to do something different.

It can be very helpful to use the natural momentum of this time of year to be inspired to change in 2018. Just make sure that there is not a false high feeling from getting back into the all or nothing, perfectionist diet mentality. No need to lose the weight in an all or nothing way. You’ve done that 10, 20 years or more, it hasn’t worked. Let’s do something different this year.

Resolutions can be are very rigid and not supportive to the emotional eater who is trying to release the weight for good. Resolutions are very all or nothing. It has a sense of “never again, ever will I do…” You either hit the resolution perfectly or you don’t. Success or failure. Too stressful!

So instead of resolutions, I encourage you to set INTENTIONS for this year. Maybe it is just one area of life where you hone in on. Small shifts in behavior can create big results!

So instead of that resolution, “I will to lose 50 pounds this year. I will stick perfectly to my new diet.”

• Ask yourself: Why?
Why do you want to lose weight?
What is the feeling you will have by being 50 pounds lighter?

Let’s say you want to feel more confident more attractive in your body.

Turn this into an intention: ‘This year my intention is to create more health and vitality so that I feel more confident and attractive in my body. I will choose to eat healthier more of the time by adding in more healthy meals and moving my body more to achieve that. One step at a time, one day at a time I trust my transformation will happen!’

Intentions help you to live out of the extremes of the all or nothing mentality. Getting out of the extremes is where LIFE HAPPENS and permanent weight loss happens. Intentions ground you in the PRESENT and CONNECT you to what the underlying feeling is which will INSPIRE you to be willing to achieve your intention, one step at a time.

You got this!


Here’s to a year of INTENT!

With Love Always,
Coach Emmie

Emotional Eating Coach - What is emotional eating?
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Emmie Anne Love

Coach Emmie is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach specializing in personal and group coaching services for women who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

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