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Where it all started Coach Emmie Anne

Released body shame, healed emotional eating and found joy. Released 50 pounds.


Success Stories

Meet five brave women who are sharing their stories to inspire you to overcome emotional eating too. Read their personal story, how they’ve overcome adversities, and truly live a healthy, happy lifestyle now.

You, too, can experience success just like them!

Proven Success

This is what freedom from dieting looks like!



“I used to eagerly await the Holidays: eating to excess was more culturally accepted, and even expected. Finally, I was normal! But there was still a constant tug of war in my mind between loving to indulge and hating myself for indulging and inevitably gaining weight.

I’d land in January, heavier and more depressed than ever with a new super diet plan that I was sure to fail in the first weeks of the year.

What a relief to have a new relationship with myself, and a new understanding of why I loved to overindulge to carry with me into the Holiday Season.

I’m so excited to have new tools and new skills to help me enjoy WITHOUT all the self-hatred!”



  • Released obsession and found peace
  • Released 65+ lbs

After being a life-long dieter, Carol was in need of support to overcome emotional eating. As a widow, Carol experienced how diabetes and Alzheimers took a toll on her husband and she was afraid that was going down that same path.

She was fearful that she was "too old and didn’t have enough time left to become healthy." Since joining Blissfully Healthy a year ago she has regained control, her confidence, and her sparkle.

“I know I’m not on another failure diet AGAIN. I know there are no restrictions, the choices are mine. I have the right mindset. I am eating whole foods and learning a healthy lifestyle because this is what I want. If you want a lifestyle of happiness, energy, feeling good, and feeling free, Blissfully Healthy will be your success.”



  • Released bondage and found freedom
  • Released 30+lbs

As with most life changes Patra’s weight would change up and down for years and years. Shortly after high school, she found herself beginning to diet and joined many different programs only to find some that worked part-time and others that just couldn’t be sustained.

After some tough life decisions, Patra found herself a single woman destined to live the rest of her life the way she always dreamed of, and that included being healthy. She met Emmie shortly after and jumped in with both feet.

Now, two years later Patra is a graduate of the program and continues to use the principles Emmie introduced and has easily kept the weight off!

“The biggest thing I am proud of from working with Emmie is that I have truly changed my relationship with food. It was critical to do the emotional work surrounding food and Emmie was the perfect person to come alongside and help with that change. Now, I am a completely different person around food and in my thoughts toward food. I am forever changed!”



  • Released negativity and found self love
  • Released 75+ lbs

As a working woman, wife, and mother of teenagers Beky’s needs would always come last. She was afraid to spend money on herself or take time for her because she was concerned it would take away from her kids.

She would go home after work day after day, completely depleted, with no energy, spending each evening sinking into her favorite chair.

By taking the time to invest in her health and realizing it was not taking away from her family she has now become an engaged, happy, healthy, mom, and wife!

“Before I started working with Emmie, I was angry, helpless, void of emotion, unhealthy, and overweight. I have found a new lease on life–a renewal that I never thought possible!

I have lost over 65 pounds, but more than the weight, my health has improved 10-fold.

My success stems from my willingness to participate in each and everything that Emmie offers me. I have chosen to make Blissfully Healthy my life and I love every minute of it.

In addition to Emmie’s amazing private coaching, I have participated in her 8-week group coaching three times and they have been pivotal to my success. It is in these groups that I learned I was not alone in my struggles.

These groups connected me with like-minded women and our stories were so similar that they taught me and helped me grow each week. These meetings have helped me delve into the deeper parts of my soul, my emotional state of being, and have helped me heal many years of bitterness and anger that was causing my emotional eating.

To truly know that I am not alone in this struggle has been transformational and it’s all due to the personal and group coaching I’ve experienced with Blissfully Healthy.”



  • Regained her confidence and her stamina
  • Added years to her life!

As a successful small business owner, Trudy struggled with being busy and found herself putting her health on the back burner. She felt like she needed to eat small meals and always perfectly because she thought since she was "older” her metabolism would be slower.

By integrating a simple program of healthy eating and simple exercises that could be on the go, we were able to engage her metabolism and find her a healthy lifestyle she could embrace even on the craziest of days.

“Emmie took the time to understand my schedule, my lifestyle, and my struggles. Because of that, I’ve been able to learn how to keep control of my weight even with my lifestyle. Working with her has been the difference in me finally making a change and seeing results.”

AFTER front Donna Mae

Donna Mae Stanton

  • Released 42 pounds

"Before I started working with Coach Emmie, I wasn’t pleased with how I looked, how I felt, or how I viewed food. Now I have a more positive self-image; I can accept myself and my flaws just the way that I am. I have gained tools in knowing how I can view food so that I enjoy eating without guilt.

In addition to releasing over 42 pounds and I have learned how to deal with my emotions by pinpointing exactly what I am feeling and why. I am a person who loves to be in control; I’m learning that I cannot be in control of my life’s circumstances, but I can control my attitude toward life.

Emmie Anne sets forth a program that is helpful for accountability, for one on one coaching and for mutual encouragement from others going through their life’s journey. This type of coaching is ideal for anyone, at any phase of their life. My advice to people who are considering getting support is to commit yourself to Blissfully Healthy and a program that will help you grow in all areas (emotionally, physically and even socially).

Coralee Kulman

  • Released 40 pounds

“Before starting working with Coach Emmie Anne I couldn’t stop emotional eating. Now I’ve found healing and joy. What I have found particularly helpful are the Blissfully Healthy Group meetings.

Coaching with Emmie Anne is ideal for anyone who may have given up. My advice for people who are considering getting support is to come expecting positive changes.”

Janel Rood

“I joined the Blissfully Healthy Program because I wanted to learn how to eat healthy. I decided to join the program because I wanted it to be something that would be something I could do for the rest of my life.

She helped me work through the reasons I eat and the areas I had ‘unhelpful’ thinking. Emmie Anne is a fabulous coach! I had high total cholesterol at 242 after 6 months of working with her my total cholesterol went down to 181! She helped me work through all my “dieting” hang-ups and helped me change to a new lifestyle eating that is guilt-free and keeps me healthy and happy.

I would highly recommend Coach Emmie Anne! Her program works!”

Methia Gordon

  • Released 20 pounds

“I have been working with this amazing lady, Emmie Anne Love and it has been life-changing!! She has helped me discover how to manage my food sensitivities and learn about the proper nutrition for my body and wellness.

For me, it has been a wellness journey more than a weight loss journey. But with that being said my body has effortlessly released 20 pounds just by learning tools to help me understand my emotional attachment to food and to learn how to feel my feelings instead of using food to stuff them.

Also by addressing my food sensitivities my body is using the food that is good for me to give me the energy and mental clarity I have been needing instead of fighting against the wrong foods for me that had caused it to hold onto weight creating all kinds of health issues. If you are looking for something different to feel better about your body and your relationship with food please take a moment to listen to this message.”

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