Do I only enjoy food because of the emotional ties that go along with emotional eating?

This last weekend at our New Year, New Lifestyle Event I was asked a great question: “Is there a time when overeating is not emotional eating? That you are eating food simply because you enjoy it?”

My response?

Yes, there are times when you will want to eat food because it tastes good.

You WILL BE ABLE to mindfully enjoy and taste it. You can savor three bites or so of let’s say, ice cream, then you will be able to pause and check-in with yourself to see if you are satisfied or if you find yourself wanting a bit more.

The difference is, if you are overeating (meaning you are eating past stomach satiety, eating too fast, or shoveling it in without even tasting it) and you find you are not pausing, stopping eating and checking in with yourself, then it is most likely either:

1.) an emotional eating situation
2.) a physiological imbalance in your body that is driving you to eat past the point of satisfaction.

What a great question, right?!

I hope this information gives you a little more insight into what is keeping you stuck. Next time you find yourself wanting to eat a treat, try being curious! No judgement, just pause, think for a second and ask yourself: “What am I asking the food to do for me?”