“Why try again? I have gained the weight back too many times!”

“What makes this time any different? I have failed so many times, I am not worth the effort or the money to do this again…I will just gain the weight back anyways.” Sound familiar? Depending on how many times you have lost the weight and gained it back you may absolutely have lots of reasons not to try again. You may even have plenty of reasons that you are not ‘worth it’ to take the time, and do what it takes to release the weight for good.

I understand that it can be scary trying again. You even might be thinking: “What if people see me lose the weight and I just gain it all back again plus more? I just can’t stand the embarrassment one more time! I would rather just stay fat.” Or, you may be thinking: “It’s so hard losing weight and sticking with it, I’m just not ready to do it all again.”
Staying put where you are now, what kind of life is that? In telling yourself these things above, how is it inspiring you into action? The truth is that this type of self-blame, shame, or not feeling worthy is just allowing you to stay stuck. Yes, absolutely facing fears and putting in the work can be a road block to feeling motivated to change.

Take a moment to think:

  • What are you expecting the weight loss process to look like?
  • Are you expecting that you have to jump in ALL at one time and go from eating
    whatever you want now to eating only broccoli and chicken until you reach your
    goal weight?
  • That you have to wake up at 5 am and workout, hardcore, 60-minutes every morning
    when you cant even remember the last time you moved your body for longer than 5
    minutes at one time?

Anything like these thoughts listed above creates a very harsh and drastic approach that an emotional eater will use to create a backlash of self-sabotage and binge eating. This harsh approach in not long-lasting and is not what we do at Blissfully Healthy.

What if you really saw that it CAN BE different for you? What if the whole weight loss process and overcoming emotional eating can actually look different and is EASIER than what you have done before? What are you expecting this process to look like?

When you work on overcoming the emotional eating, one step at a time, the journey is EASIER and FASTER. Releasing the weight for good is easier when you are not fighting the emotional eating. The hard road is doing what you have always done–another diet and another diet failure.
It’s time to get out of your own way!

I invite you to consider:

  • Why do you want to try again?
  • What are you expecting the weight loss process and overcoming emotional eating
    to be like?
  •  What if it could be different?
  • Looking at your past experiences and learning from those, this does not have to be an all or nothing approach. What facts or evidence can you stack up to start seeing that you can do this?There will never be the perfect time to get started on your weight loss, and more importantly, your emotional eating recovery journey. When you are ready, know that honoring your self is the greatest gift that you can give to you and the people you love.

Start thinking about:

* What would you like to change?
* Why do you want to make this change?
* What gets in the way of you achieving the results you want?

Remember the Daily Boost journal you started? Write down your thoughts to help you create your answers as well as writing down anything that inspires you!


“JUST for TODAY, I consider all the facts and reasons why I can do this! Just for today I consider why I want to do this. Just for today I consider that it can look different for me. Just for today I am willing to try, knowing that I am good enough. I AM WORTHY of having the best health and happiness that I yearn for! Just for today I am worthy no matter how many times I have tried before in my life to change. I am worth it to live the life I love. Just for today I give my self permission to be worth this! I am allowed to have my ONE life be the best it can be!”

Would you like to ask some questions, share your struggles and come up with solutions together? Reserve a FREE Discovery Session to see if weight-loss coaching is a good fit for you. You don’t have to do this alone!

It's Time to Take Better Care of YOU!

Do you struggle with wanting to set a weight loss goal but you find you’re not ready to follow through with it?

Be compassionate with yourself and let go of any “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve”thoughts as you go through your day today. Your journey to FREEDOM starts with self-forgiveness then moves to acceptance.That in itself is a great gift to yourself today. Accept that this is where you are in your journey, the progress you have accomplished and the work left to be done. This stops the tug-of-war inside.

With excitement and newness of stepping into more awareness of your weight problem, it can be easy to fall into harsh expectations “This time I am going to: start my weight loss off with no sweets for 30-days, go from walking 2,000 steps a day to walking 10,000 steps a day all at one time, start that new 700 calories a day diet…” Harsh expectations are based on a diet mentality, which we are going to be working on getting rid of.

When you start the weight-loss process with harsh expectations to follow, it can set yourself up to fail before you even start. So, as you set your intentions, check in with your emotions.

How does the expectation feel?
Does it feel harsh, strict or does your body feel tense?

Or maybe you feel overly excited and at the same time feel a sense of pressure?
This might be because you are in a false high. A false high comes from the thinking or promise, that a diet will fix your weight problem. It will fix it by doing it all at once, in a harsh way and that it will fix your weight problem FAST! It might
sound something like this:

“I just need to drink those weight-loss shakes and exercise really hard for three weeks to get a ‘jump start’.Then once I see weight loss I will be more motivated to keep going. I just need to force myself do it!”

The truth is a harsh expectation or a false high diet promise will not solve your weight problem when emotional eating is causing the weight problem to begin with.

So, what will?

If you feel lighter, excited and finding yourself taking action steps towards your
weight-loss goal you are on the right track! Intentions like thinking about when
you will start, considering how you will take small steps at a time, and what is
going to be best for you. This is how you want to feel. Like it is something you
can do until you are 70 years-old or older! Make your intention one that feels
like a breath of fresh air and light in your heart, not feeling like it is choking
you or leaving you wondering how you are going to muster up the willpower and energy to accomplish it.

Your intention over the next few weeks could be to simply read these Daily Boosts
every day and ponder the information and questions in each.

Your intention could be that by being committed to just reading and pondering these
Daily Boosts that you will be inspired to change by day 30, or sooner.

If you are not sure what you would like your intention to be, here are a few questions
below to help you get the ball rolling. You don’t have to get it all figured out
right now.

Start thinking about
  1. What would you like to change?
  2. Why do you want to make this change?
  3. What gets in the way of you achieving the results you want?

Start a Daily Boost journal to help you create your answers and write down anything
that inspires you!


“I accept where I am currently in my journey my size _____, my ______ pounds and
where I am emotionally. Today, I consider what I will do as my weight loss solution
from a place of love and compassion for where I am now. I know falling into the
diet surfing and looking for a new diet to ‘fix’ me will not solve my weight problem.

I am making my intention filled with love and compassion for myself and I am grateful for the body I have. I am setting my intention around my weight loss journey, one that is associated with emotional freedom. There is more to life than losing weight and I am ready to experience it!”

Make it a Blissfully Healthy Day!
With Love Always,
Coach Emmie