It’s not about the food. It’s not about knowing “what” you should do and “making” yourself do it. Freedom and a sustainable blissfully healthy lifestyle comes from identifying and healing emotional eating.

Does Julie’s emotional eating story speak to you?

“Julie” came to Blissfully Healthy for coaching because she felt frustrated and helpless. Even though she knew eating a lot of sugar and candy bars were not something that would bring her health and vitality, she had an insatiable craving every night to have one.

Every night Julie would get a hankering to get a candy bar on her way home from a long day at work. Every day the inner dialogue would be an inner battle. This is what it sounded like:

“Candy bars are bad. I want to lose weight. I shouldn’t eat candy bars. I shouldn’t eat candy bars. They are so bad for me. UGH! … But I WANT the candy bar. Screw it! I don’t care. I had a horrible day. Ok just this last time, then starting tomorrow I won’t have any candy bars every again.”

One candy bar would turn into two, and then into anything she wanted to eat for the rest of the night. A typical weight loss coach would talk about strategies and things to do to distract, and in some ways we do that here at Blissfully Healthy as well. But those strategies – no matter how good – aren’t likely to stick unless we get to the root of the problem.

In one of our private coaching sessions we used an emotional tool together and found her core attachment to food that was driving emotional eating. When she was 4 years old her mom and dad got divorced. She remembers feeling an immersible hole where once there was a connected, secure relationship with her Dad, now completely vanished. Suddenly and without warning he was out of her life, and remained so for over a decade. Julie’s Mom went into a deep depression and became emotionally and many times even physically unavailable to meet her basic needs as Julie’s mom struggled even just to get out of bed some days.

Julie remembers being so lonely, lost and hungry. One of these times she discovered a drawer in the kitchen full of candy cars and ate one. She remembers feeling an immediate comfort and joy from the sweetness, and her immense hunger subsided. The emotional pain she didn’t understand at 4 years of age melted away for a few minutes as she enjoyed that candy bar.

As time went on, whenever she felt alone in those early years she would go to that drawer and eat a candy bar. Ever since that day she has struggled with sugar, especially candy bars.

As we used the emotional tool together in her private coaching session, Julie noticed a profound inner shift. “I feel like a heavy weight I have been carrying around with me has just been lifted.”

Her body relaxed into the couch. She took a deep breath. She left that session no longer craving candy bars. The urge that she had been fighting for decades and trying to control with countless diets was just gone. It dissolved as we discovered the subconscious driving emotional need the emotional eating was trying to fulfill.

As we continued our work together in private and group coaching over the coming months, she remarked that she didn’t even want candy bars most days and when she did, she could eat a bite or two and stop without fighting herself. Now that we had dismantled the emotional attachment to food, she was easily able to make nutritional changes from a place of willingness – and it became a joyful thing to release weight! We spoke very recently; not only was she able release over 40 pounds, she has maintained her weight loss over the past 2 years!

Not everyone’s reason for emotional eating is this deep or extreme, but for some it is even deeper. Everyone is different.

Yes, nutrition matters. Moving your body matters. But the results will not stick unless the emotional work is done. This is the type of work most people simply cannot do alone. We need someone to walk along with us, guide us, create an emotionally safe space for us and empower us to release these attachments.

Download my free eBook: Why Diets Don’t Work

We add-in emotional tools and dismantle attachments to food, so now food just becomes food. Food is fuel, not therapy! Private coaching is about releasing emotional eating coupled with nutritional guidance that naturally effects weight loss as a side effect of healing emotional eating.

Extra weight is a symptom of emotional eating. Emotional eating is a symptom of a need to self-soothe. So we discover what is causing that need in a safe place of private coaching or women’s only group coaching. Many times clients choose a combination of private and group coaching for the additional feeling of communal support and empathy it creates.

The Blissfully Healthy coaching program is about creating food freedom, not food restrictions! You can eat a potato chip and not want any more. Where you can have your previous binge foods in front of you and not even be tempted. Not that you can’t eat them, simply because you don’t want any – because you’re making loving choices for your body, instead.

Clients find they look forward to using the emotional tools because they provide immediate relief – and more effective relief. Stay with me here, I know what you’re thinking: “I can’t imagine anything providing an emotional escape better than food. No way!”

But I’m telling you that it’s true. When you change your mindset and adopt emotional tools, you no longer have a “food scarcity” mentality. There is no more forcing yourself, no mustering up the willpower or kicking yourself to do the healthy things. You no longer crave hours sitting on the couch in front of the TV or numbing out with a sugary treats. Instead you crave using your emotional tools. You look forward to moving your body. You want to cook and enjoy healthy food.

You enjoy eating delicious food without losing control because we’ve identified and healed the core issues around food and your body, so you can let go of the drive to use food. There is nothing left to control. This is why I always say, “It’s not about controlling emotional eating, it’s about releasing it.”

If you’re ready to take a step toward your own journey of healing and a blissfully healthy life, a free one-hour discovery session is my gift to you. Simply request a coaching session using the form on my contact page or use the button to schedule your session today. 

Almost everyone emotionally eats at one time or another, so let’s take the shame out of it! Here are some emotional eating statistics shared by the American Psychological Association:

  • 38% of adults say they over-ate or ate unhealthy foods in the past month because of stress (half of these say they do it every week or even more frequently)
  • 33% of adults who over-ate or ate unhealthy foods because of stress said it helped to distract them from stress
  • 27% of adults say they eat to manage stress; one-third of these say it’s a habit

And perhaps not surprising:

  • 57% of overweight adults self-report frequent emotional eating (study)

Emotional eating happens. It might be just grabbing a few extra pieces of candy as you pass by the break room at the office because you’re bored. It might be simply eating larger portions at meals than your body needs to get to that “full” feeling. And yes, it might be eating a whole pizza or eating a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting.

What is an emotional eating coach?

Yep – emotional eating happens. If it’s happening to you, you are not alone.

The intention of Emotional Eating Coaching is to help you identify what’s causing emotional eating, eliminate unnecessary emotional stressors and create better coping mechanisms for those that cannot be eliminated, so that you can be in control of food (and not the other way around). So you can heal from emotional eating and come to a point where you are blissfully healthy, inside and out!

I understand this better than many people because I’ve been there. I went to counseling, OA, FAA, became a vegetarian for 2 years, then a vegan, went to several nutritionists, tried every fad diet you can think of and even desperately searched out eating disorder help for emotional eating.

Nothing worked. I’d even find myself emotional eating MORE after each counseling session or accountability appointment with a nutritionist. Why? Because mere accountability with food choices is not enough. It’s the wrong type of accountability. In fact, this type of accountability can actually trigger emotional eating – it did for me!

I remember one counselor telling me, “Emmie, you need to stop using food and learn how to feel.” I thought, “That sounds miserable! I’m not going to do that. Without emotional eating, without my food, how will I cope? How will I emotionally survive?

Hating my body and the extra 50 pounds I was carrying, I asked her, “How exactly do I feel?”  She couldn’t tell me. The next counselor, and then next nutritionist couldn’t ether.

How I Went from Emotional Eater to Emotional Eating Coach

So I went on a journey to discover how to feel. And I did! I worked with life coaches and read hundreds of books; most importantly, I discovered specific processes of how to feel without spiraling into shame or depression.

Using emotional tools to find immediate emotional release, I found I felt soooooo much better than when I used food, and the cravings to emotionally eat vanished. After decades of misery I found true food freedom, which is how I healed my own emotional eating and released 50 pounds.

How does an emotional eating coach help?

I’ve been coaching clients since 2007. As an emotional eating coach, I specialize in helping women who struggle with emotional eating and their weight. Coaching is focused on learning, practicing and implementing simple and effective daily emotional tools. These emotional tools can then become automatic responses to situations and emotions.

Where emotional eating used to be there are now emotional tools. These tools create a new mindset around food and equip the women I work with to navigate through emotions without needing food to cope. They help to provide immediate relief from difficult emotions, dissolve emotional eating cravings and help women stay inspired to make blissfully healthy choices.

One baby step at a time. Learning how to feel… better.  Learning how to express what you need to say instead of using food to stuff down your emotions. Emotional eating happens out of an attempt to self soothe, but then only creates more guilt and stress.

In coaching, we take a look at why emotional eating is happening so that the inner war with food ends. It’s not about the food. It’s about learning to feel!

Your journey to healing from emotional eating can start today. Let’s set up a free, no-risk discovery session for you here at the Blissfully Healthy Women’s Wellness Center or virtually, online, and talk about whether private Emotional Eating coaching could be right for you.

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No puzzle is complete without all the pieces – and this is the 4th out of the five puzzle pieces to healing from emotional eating. You can release not only the weight, but the food cravings that are keeping you from living the blissfully healthy life you DESERVE.

What affects your food affects your whole life, and what affects your life affects your food! Watch this video to find out how one of my clients recently made a simple decision that brought instant relief – and with it – saw food cravings melt away.



You are enough and you always have been. I would love to help you discover new tools that can help you break unhealthy thinking and behaviors and put you on the road to a Blissfully Healthy life. Request a free discovery session and let’s do this together.

With Love Always,
Coach Emmie

Coach Emmie,
Eating Psychology Coach, Motivational Speaker
Owner, Blissfully Healthy Women’s Wellness Center

Emotional Eating Coach - What is emotional eating?

Have you ever started a diet only to have cravings derail your best efforts? Diets can even TRIGGER cravings – but the third puzzle piece to healing from emotional eating can actually turn off those cravings, helping you release weight… for good!

It’s not about the food. 

Diets can put our bodies out of balance. If you’re trying to release weight gained as a result of emotional eating, just “going on a diet” could actually backfire by depleting your body of nutrients it needs to stay in balance, or affecting your body’s thyroid, blood sugar and metabolism.

Watch this video to find out how you can get your body back in balance, so you can live the Blissfully Healthy life you deserve!



Obessed. Depressed. Ashamed. Have you been dieting for decades? Ugh. That was me!

After dieting for 20 years I was miserable, obsessed about food and weight, and down right ASHAMED that every diet I tried ended in more emotional eating and gaining the weight back plus some. ? Then I QUIT.

I quit dieting.

I learned the secrets to healing emotional eating and released 50 pounds in the process. I know there are so many women suffering in silence, just as I was. ? I invite you to download my free ebook, “Why Diets Don’t Work”. You can end the struggle. Let’s do this together. ????

The most powerful support I can offer you is a no-cost discovery session. If you’re ready,let’s set up this appointment so we can talk more about your goals and what type of plan might be the best, healthiest way for you to get where you want to go.

With Love Always,
Coach Emmie

Coach Emmie,
Eating Psychology Coach, Motivational Speaker
Owner, Blissfully Healthy Women’s Wellness Center

Emotional Eating Coach - What is emotional eating?


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