Video 2 of 5: The Second of Five Puzzle Pieces for Healing from Emotional Eating

Today I’m sharing the second of five puzzle pieces for healing from emotional eating. If you’ve used food for comfort or stress-relief in the past or even right now, you won’t want to miss this – it’s a real “A-ha!” moment.

Stop dieting and start living blissfully healthy. If you’re ready, we can take the next step together. You don’t have to do this alone.


The food you used to get comfort or stress-relief in the past might be hurting you now – causing you to feel bad about yourself or negatively impacting your health and wellness. There’s no shame here, just knowledge! You can empower yourself with new emotional tools to turn to instead of food, so that food no longer has the negative impact on your life it does now.

Click to watch the video above to learn a powerful emotional eating tool!

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Coach Emmie

Coach Emmie,
Eating Psychology Coach, Motivational Speaker
Owner, Blissfully Healthy Women’s Wellness Center