What does emotional eating look like - eating psychology


Many women turn to emotional eating for a variety of reasons.

6 Reasons for Emotional Eating

Reasons for Emotional Eating #1 : Boredom 

reasons for emotional eating - boredom

During the holidays many people experience “Bored Eater” tendencies, otherwise known as eating just because. This is one of the reasons people tend to gain weight during the holidays!

Reasons for Emotional Eating #2 : Grazing 

reasons for emotional eating - grazing

With this type of emotional eating you may find yourself going back to the kitchen for snacks over and over again throughout the day even though you are not really hungry.

Reasons for Emotional Eating #3 : Nightcap 

reasons for emotional eating - nightcap

You may be nightcap eating if you find yourself going back to the refrigerator over and over again to try and quiet an unquenchable food craving, yet no food or quantity of food seems to satisfy the craving. Does this sound like you? You are not alone!

Reasons for Emotional Eating #4 : Earned It! 

reasons for emotional eating - reward

“I deserve it” or “I’m too busy to cook” is a dangerous way to eat, especially if you are resorting to fast, unhealthy foods.

Reasons for Emotional Eating #5 : Binging 

reasons for emotional eating - binge eating

Over the holidays people commonly identify with this type of emotional eating, the problem lies when it doesn’t stop after the holidays. If you are struggling to lose weight and have tried every diet around, now may be the time to try something different.

Reasons for Emotional Eating #6 : Secret Eating

reasons for emotional eating - secret eaters

Last year, Shape magazine interviewed 2000 women on the topic of eating disorders. 60% of the women surveyed admitted to being “secret eaters”.  Nearly one in four admitted to being “secret eaters;” 23% of the women copped to hiding all the evidence.

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